Terms & Conditions

  1. All sales and Purchases will be governed by these terms & conditions and the customer will be deemed to have read and agreed to these terms & conditions when placing an order.
  2. This agreement and any sales there under shall be governed by English law.
  3. Goods must be paid for and funds received before dispatch unless other arrangements are agreed in writing by MAKANO SURPLUS.
    MAKANO SURPLUS may require advance payment and this will be made clear at or before the time of ordering. Orders will not be proceeded with until such advance payments have been received by MAKANO SURPLUS.
  4. MAKANO SURPLUS is registered for UK VAT and this will be charged at 20%.
  5. Delivery & packing costs will be charged and shown separately on invoices and form a part of the contract of sale.
  6. Buyers should satisfy themselves that the goods being purchased are as described and fit for their intended use. Customers are invited to collect such goods from our warehouse. Any subsequent damage or loss will not be the responsibility of MAKANO SURPLUS. If the buyer is unable to make an inspection MAKANO SURPLUS can provide photographs of the proposed purchases by email. If the buyer engages a delivery company to collect the goods the delivery company will be required to inspect and sign for the goods on behalf of the buyer. Accordingly packaging will be to a standard for UK inland delivery only and the buyer’s chosen Delivery Company must be instructed by the buyer to re-pack the goods to the buyers satisfaction.
  7. MAKANO SURPLUS does not make, imply or offer any warranty of any kind. Due to the nature of the products supplied by MAKANO SURPLUS and the length of time they have been held in stock it must be the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the goods prior to purchase. MAKANO SURPLUS will not be responsible for any subsequent consequential loss of any kind. Separate and specific arrangements might be possible by a separate agreement to test goods using appropriately qualified persons that are safety critical.
  8. MAKANO SURPLUS uses original equipment manufacturers (OEM) part numbers or any other visible clear markings found on materials to aide in their identification for ease of reference. Where the buyer provides a conflicting or inaccurate part number we will use our best endeavours to advise a correct part number, often but not always accompanied with a photograph. It remains the responsibility of the buyer to provide us with the correct parts number and description, and/or be satisfied the item offered is what they require.
  9. No goods will be accepted for return if they have been properly supplied in accordance with these terms & conditions unless agreed by MAKANO SURPLUS in writing.
  10. MAKANO SURPLUS ceases to be responsible for the goods upon collection. The company offers its goods for sale within the UK only.
  11. Buyers who purchase goods from MAKANO SURPLUS and wish to export them from the UK are obliged under UK law to obtain a license to export such goods as are deemed to require one due to their nature of operation and fitting application. A license can be obtained from H.M. Government.
    Please refer to https://www.spire.bis.gov.uk for more information.
  12. All prices for goods are shown and sold in UK £Pounds only.
  13. The items offered for sale are deemed to be unused/used where applicable, surplus stock, serviceable life remaining for spares or repair.
  14. No warranty or traceability is implied or given, the items are sold as is where is.
  15. Images used on the site are for example purposes only unless otherwise stated
  16. MAKANO SURPLUS reserves the right to amend details and images on the website without notice.